[Runequest] Slightly OT: Ringworld?

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Would love to see it.  I think the RQ skill system very much logically
supports trees - in fact it's already there, with the
Agility/Communication/Stealth (etc.) categories, which then subdivide into
specifics.  Continuing this into even more narrow specific subskills makes

I've always DM'd that weapon skills are (with some exceptions) by category,
not specific weapon.   Seems reasonable that 1h mace skill would be pretty
much the same as club for much of the 'span' of ability.

Is there a game-mechanic value to a player, to advance down a narrow,
specific skill vs. a more generalist one (ie faster advancement, etc.)?  I
could see it being as simple as saying that a 'general' category might be
capped at 75% or something, and higher levels require absolute

Or maybe it's not either/or?  Perhaps one HAS to advance to 75% (frex) in a
general category like First Aid, and then specify to advance further in
poison treatment or trauma care.  Maybe they have to specify even further
to get past 100?  So perhaps 'melee weapon' to 50, 1h weapon to 75, 1h
sword to 100, and scimitar 150?

How does Ringworld do it?

On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 6:20 PM, <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:

> > I would be very interested. I have the game and have contributed to
> > the Yahoo list and the fan web site.
> > Also Lev would you be interested in re-publishing material that has
> > been on the fan site in the up-coming SF rpgreview?
> Very much so.
> On-topic for the RuneQuest rules list, what do people think about the
> Ringworld RPG system which has Root/Branch skills for broad skill groups?
> All the best,
> Lev
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