[Runequest] Slightly OT: Ringworld?

karl at rpgreview.net karl at rpgreview.net
Thu Jun 7 07:03:19 EST 2012

I would be very interested. I have the game and have contributed to  
the Yahoo list and the fan web site.
Also Lev would you be interested in re-publishing material that has  
been on the fan site in the up-coming SF rpgreview?

Quoting lev at rpgreview.net:

> Hi people,
> I'm thinking of starting a Ringworld RPG mailing list, not dissimilar to
> this existing one, but with a focus on the rules and the setting.
> There is already a Yahoo! mailing list for Ringworld but it's been taken
> over by spammers, as so many poorly moderated Yahoo! lists.
> (Let's not even begin to talk about what happened to usenet).
> Anyway, if there's any interest in joining the list please respond to this
> post and we'll get it going.
> All the best, Lev
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