[Runequest] Spears stuck in shields?

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I like this mechanism more.  The pilum had a soft iron shaft, IIRC, so it was designed to bend when it hit to make it even more of an encumbrance.
What I'd like to know is how it reduces the shield wielder's chance to parry, along with some ENC problems: -20% per pilum embedded?

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On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 11:28 AM, Andrew Larsen <aelarsen at mac.com> wrote:

You could rule that any special hit with a pilum renders the shield too heavy to use. That means that a pilum will only "work" 20% of the time, which is probably too low for simulation, but it's an easy mechanic.

Andrew E. Larsen

And that's with 100% skill.
Someone else suggested that it works whenever the pilum penetraes the sheild's AP, but considering the damage done by a thrown spear and the typical AP of a shield at 10-12, that's pretty much only going to be 'specials' anyway.

I know it's another die-roll, but a mechanic in which you said that it sticks IF:
a) it penetrates the AP (one might say this is a rule for ALL thrown weapons, really...)
b) due to the pilum's specific design* you could roll a damage vs shield AP contest, to see if it 'sticks'.  Personally, I'd probably just have whoever's throwing the pilum throw a d10 at the same time as his cast; if he doesn't penetrate the shield, but this roll is GREATER than the difference between the shield and his damage, it sticks.

*this design has some negative effects too, for example I'd rule that the weapon cannot use any strength bonus over 1d6 (thrown or melee), and if it hits anything, whatever damage is done is ALSO applied to the pilum's AP, meaning almost anytime it hits solidly, it's going to need work before it's worth using again.  Further, trying to throw a pilum damaged in any way is -20% per AP - meaning also if you parry with it, you're not going to throw it well...
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