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According to Stephen Ambrose, in writing about the Lewis & Clark expedition in _Undaunted Courage_, "Moving the keelboat and pirogues upriver required tremendous effort for each man; consequently, they ate prodigiously.  In comparison with beef, the venison and elk were lean, even at this season.  Each soldier consumed up to nine pounds of meat per day, along with whatever fruit the area afforded and some cornmeal, and still felt hungry."

That's probably an extreme case at the other end of the range, but it's instructive depending on the task at hand.

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>I saw the same show. There's a big difference between living off of a
>single rabbit for 3 days during a wilderness survival training class and
>being highly effective in melee combat while wearing RQ-style body armor
>during those three days. The overall strength and endurance of some of
>those Marines were severely degraded near the end of the training rotation.
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