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I once watched a TV show about a USMC training program, in which they hiked
up a snow covered mountain, they were only allowed a single rabbit to eat.
I  will assume if a 200 pound Marine can live off a rabbit for 3 days, that
a deer will last longer than a few days....

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>   1. Re: Happy New Year and a question. (Gary Sturgess)
>   2. Re: Happy New Year and a question. (Ravindranath Desai)
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> Subject: Re: [Runequest] Happy New Year and a question.
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> >? When I GM'd, if the party decided on a cross country voyage
> through>wilderness, I required that they found some way to bring
> provisions.>? Was I wrong?
> In terms of realism, you mean? Probably.
> You're absolutely right of course that you can't control the direction
> a hunt will take you, nor can you guarantee "straight line" progress
> if you're gathering berries and the like, and your point about snares
> is also correct. However, I think you missed an important point - you
> don't necessarily have to do this every single day.
> If, say, your hunt brings down a deer, then that's going to be good
> for several meals. The party will lose time hunting it, butchering it,
> and perhaps smoking the meat, but they can live of venison for a few
> days before needing to hunt again.
> In short it should definitely slow your progress, but assuming
> appropriate terrain it wouldn't negate it entirely.
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> Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 06:00:39 -0500
> From: Ravindranath Desai <rdesai at chartermi.net>
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> Subject: Re: [Runequest] Happy New Year and a question.
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> Happy New Year!
> I think this is a terrific idea.  We do this on a regular basis.  In fact,
> we have house rules where your ability (or inability) to get fresh food at
> night affects your fatigue for the next day.  It starts to wear on you when
> all you are eating is rations.  As GM I have both random monster encounters
> as you travel across country for days at a time, as well as wildlife,
> flora, and fauna.
> Anyone who has regional Lore can know for certain where to find edible
> plants and what wildlife is in the area.  Otherwise, they are just
> guessing.  A successful Lore skill will tell you what plants you can eat
> and where they grow, so you can just be on the lookout all day as you
> travel.  Depending on the time of year (which I generally just move with
> the current actual season outdoors) edible flora may be highly available or
> not available at all.  Without a successful Lore skill, you can always stop
> to pick something that _looks_ edible, but we produced a table to roll on
> and those mushrooms might just make you really sick.  After spending enough
> time in a region, you naturally acquire a Lore skill for that region.
> If you are looking to acquire small game, we use a trapping (mechanisms)
> skill, which is made difficult unless you know what you are trapping for
> (or impossible if there is no small game, or if you don't have any bait,
> etc).   Again a Lore skill for the region will tell you what small game
> exists in the area.   Fishing is always possible in streams; we use the
> trapping skill for that as well, but you could make a another fishing skill
> if you wanted.
> Large game (deer sized or bigger, once a buffalo) I treat as a monster
> encounter, and the adventurers need to plan it carefully or the animal may
> well escape into the protection of the herd.  Meat from large game can be
> treated to last for several days; either just cured with salt [survival
> skill] or by using magic.  Small game (including fish) can be also used as
> bait, as can flora from the region (depending upon what you find).
> Essentially, the rule is that you overland speed can be almost cut in half
> if you just ride and eat rations, but you will be fatigued when you get
> there.  Have fun with it - I think it adds a lot to the story line part of
> things, and give the adventurers a reason to roll play some other skills
> along the way.
> On Jan 8, 2012, at 4:25 PM, royce at efn.org wrote:
> > Hi, Guys,
> >  A belated... Happy New Year!!  Happy Holidays!!
> >  It is debatable as to whether "better late than never" applies to
> > holiday greetings, I suppose.  :-)
> >  Anyways, I have a question.  This first came up when I was reading a
> > novel some years ago, in which a gamer wants to know the feasibility of
> > an idea for what the party would do in their adventure.  The idea was
> > that the party would be living off the land while traveling cross
> > country from point A to point B.  How far could the party get in their
> > journey while living by hunting?
> >  I thought, well, sure they have bows and plenty of arrows.  Assume the
> > weather is good.  Is it land suitable for horses?  If so, assume they
> > are mounted.  Otherwise, on foot.
> >  I thought, well, chasing down or tracking down game will take them in a
> > random direction for at least part of each day.  The use of snares will
> > force them to return to set locations during the day.  The use of
> > blinds will also restrict travel time for the day.  I became
> > pessimistic.
> >  When I GM'd, if the party decided on a cross country voyage through
> > wilderness, I required that they found some way to bring provisions.
> >  Was I wrong?
> >
> >  Your opinions are warmly welcome.  Thanks ahead of time.
> > Asher
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