[Runequest] Happy New Year and a question.

Gary Sturgess gazza666 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 12:00:59 EST 2012

>  When I GM'd, if the party decided on a cross country voyage through>wilderness, I required that they found some way to bring provisions.>  Was I wrong?
In terms of realism, you mean? Probably.

You're absolutely right of course that you can't control the direction
a hunt will take you, nor can you guarantee "straight line" progress
if you're gathering berries and the like, and your point about snares
is also correct. However, I think you missed an important point - you
don't necessarily have to do this every single day.

If, say, your hunt brings down a deer, then that's going to be good
for several meals. The party will lose time hunting it, butchering it,
and perhaps smoking the meat, but they can live of venison for a few
days before needing to hunt again.

In short it should definitely slow your progress, but assuming
appropriate terrain it wouldn't negate it entirely.

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