[Runequest] Happy New Year and a question.

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Mon Jan 9 08:25:21 EST 2012

Hi, Guys,
   A belated... Happy New Year!!  Happy Holidays!!
   It is debatable as to whether "better late than never" applies to
holiday greetings, I suppose.  :-)
   Anyways, I have a question.  This first came up when I was reading a
novel some years ago, in which a gamer wants to know the feasibility of
an idea for what the party would do in their adventure.  The idea was
that the party would be living off the land while traveling cross
country from point A to point B.  How far could the party get in their
journey while living by hunting?
   I thought, well, sure they have bows and plenty of arrows.  Assume the
weather is good.  Is it land suitable for horses?  If so, assume they
are mounted.  Otherwise, on foot.
   I thought, well, chasing down or tracking down game will take them in a
random direction for at least part of each day.  The use of snares will
force them to return to set locations during the day.  The use of
blinds will also restrict travel time for the day.  I became
   When I GM'd, if the party decided on a cross country voyage through
wilderness, I required that they found some way to bring provisions.
   Was I wrong?

   Your opinions are warmly welcome.  Thanks ahead of time.

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