[Runequest] Design Mechanism Launches the RuneQuest Archive on Drivethru

Lawrence Whitaker lawrence.whitaker at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 21:31:01 EST 2012

We're delighted to announce that Design
Issaries and Mongoose Publishing have reached an agreement that allows us
to continue making available RuneQuest and Glorantha titles (originally
published by Mongoose) through DrivethruRPG and its affiliated sites.

Under the RuneQuest
be able to buy a special selection of the very best of the old
Mongoose RQ and Glorantha titles at only $1.00 per book.

This means that certain titles that would have disappeared are now
available at a really great price. The titles are split between the first
and second editions of Mongoose's RuneQuest iteration (MRQ1 and MRQ2

*Get Into Glorantha for Only $10!*
It also means that, if you've ever hesitated about getting into Glorantha
because the cost has been prohibitive, you can now take the plunge at a
nominal cost. The entire set of these Glorantha titles, bought as a bundle,
costs only $10 and includes:

   - An extensive but accessible guide to the world
   - A comprehensive and detailed guide to Glorantha's Second Age cults
   - Two complete campaigns
   - A highly detailed deep-dive into the culture of the God Learners
   - A complete overview of one major Gloranthan region (Fronela),
   including a starting scenario.
   - The titles available through RuneQuest Archives are:


*RuneQuest Empires (MRQ2)
Monster Coliseum (MRQ2)
Vikings (MRQ2)
Land of the Samurai (MRQ1)
The Price of Honour (MRQ1)*


*Glorantha: the Second Age (MRQ2)
Cults of Glorantha (MRQ2)
The Abiding Book (MRQ2)
Pavis Rises (MRQ2)
Dwarfs (MRQ1)
Dragonewts (MRQ1)
Ducks (MRQ1)
Elfs (MRQ1)
Blood of Orlanth (MRQ2)
Dara Happa Stirs (MRQ1)

Both MRQ1 and MRQ2 books will be highly compatible with RuneQuest 6th
edition and, of course, MRQ2 books are fully compatible with Mongoose's
Legend system.

All these books contain a wealth of background information, history,
cultural detail and ideas that are, of course, system agnostic. The
Glorantha titles in particular include some information unexplored in any
previous Gloranthan works and, in the case of the four races books, provide
huge and detailed insight into their respective species.
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