[Runequest] Helmet armor point question.

Asher Royce Yaffee ashersensei at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 05:04:12 EST 2012

Greetings, fellow gamers,
   I have dumb RQ3 questions regarding armor points for helmets.
   Helmet AP seem sometimes determined by the material it is made of
(bezainted, etc.) and sometimes determined by the extent of coverage (open
helm = 4 AP, Roman style = 5 AP, etc.).  Right?
   So, chainmail is normally 7 AP.  However, a chainmail coif does not
cover the face.  So, would the coif have less than 7 AP?
   I've seen lots of shows where some guy has a chainmail coif plus an open
helm.  How does that work out?  Would it be 4 AP for the helm plus 7 AP for
the coif, with double encumberance for the coif since it is worn under
rigid armor?  And if hit with a mace on the head (against which the
chainmail only offers half AP protection), would it be 4 + 4 AP instead of
4 + 7 AP?
   But then the coif doesn't cover the face, so it shouldn't offer 7 AP,
   Does this require some finely balanced technical ruling?  Or would it be
better to turn to history for guidance?  My impression is that stereotype
1st Crusade knights wore chainmail coifs under bucket-like helmets.  In the
late Middle Ages, there are plenty of pictures of guys with all kinds of
cool helmets that give excellent coverage.  What did those guys wear
underneath?  And are there better historical examples to draw from?
   Any guidance in this matter is warmly welcome.
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