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>  Watching melee fighters, they're almost always TRYING to hit center-mass
> or vital locations, the 'success' of their attack in a real sense is
> whether or not they actually GET there.  In effect, everything is 'really'
> a called shot.  Further, my point conceptually is that hits to abdomen,
> chest, and head are intrinsically more deadly than others, so what about a
> system that acknowledges that?

I came to that conclusion too  from my own experiences, which is what led
to the refined combat rules in MRQ2/Legend/RQ6.

Finally, in a fight between grossly unequal fighters, it doesn't make sense
> to me that more than 50% of the 'experts' hits are going to land on
> (relatively inconsequential) arms/legs.  Yes, the expert can called-shot
> easier, but I'm talking about straight, unadulterated combat.

This is inherently  handled in RQ6 with the commonly available Choose
Location effect, which can be selected if you gain a better level of
success over a defending opponent.

It dramatically changes combat in the game, many players repeatedly
striking for the head when they get the opportunity, but this is exactly
what you do in real life, especially against foes with shields.

If you have a system where you get to pick an effect for every victory
> level above your target, the 'special' effect "costs" one victory level,
> the 'crit' costs two.
> (Adding to this mechanic but not critical to the concept would be other
> pick-costs... maybe this is already in MRQ/II/6?)

Something very similar. You gain one effect for each level of success you
roll better than your opponent, Effects like Maximise Damage or Bypass
Armour are only available on critical attack rolls (remembering that RQ6
has a 10% crit range and doesn't use Specials), whilst Trips, Disarms,
Choose Location (amongst many others) are available on a normal success.
 The rules could easily be tweaked so that rather than crits only, you just
make those particular effects cost double instead.

Hope that helps,

Pete Nash
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