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RQ combat mechanics proposal:
One thing I've been toying with for a while is trying to develop a system
in which a single determines hit success and degree as well as location.
 Watching melee fighters, they're almost always TRYING to hit center-mass
or vital locations, the 'success' of their attack in a real sense is
whether or not they actually GET there.  In effect, everything is 'really'
a called shot.  Further, my point conceptually is that hits to abdomen,
chest, and head are intrinsically more deadly than others, so what about a
system that acknowledges that?

Finally, in a fight between grossly unequal fighters, it doesn't make sense
to me that more than 50% of the 'experts' hits are going to land on
(relatively inconsequential) arms/legs.  Yes, the expert can called-shot
easier, but I'm talking about straight, unadulterated combat.

Any ideas?

The first to cross my mind, and I'm sure there are things wrong with it but
I'll toss it out there:
On an attack that lands successfully:
On any normal hit, the defender gets to pick the hit-location where it
lands out of locations the attacker can reach.
On a special, the defender gets to pick where it lands but it has to be
head/chest/abdomen (or comparable locations on a non-humanoid) or any other
location the attacker allows and could reach.
On a crit, it hits the location the attacker selects and can reach
(usually head or most vital area on a non-humanoid).

If you have a system where you get to pick an effect for every victory
level above your target, the 'special' effect "costs" one victory level,
the 'crit' costs two.
(Adding to this mechanic but not critical to the concept would be other
pick-costs... maybe this is already in MRQ/II/6?)
2x damage = one 'victory' cost
Ignore armor (up to a max of the max rollable damage of the weapon,
ignoring positive STR mod) = one 'victory' cost
Ignore armor (up to a max of 2x max rollable damage of the weapon,
including positive STR mod) = two 'victory' cost

AFTER the location is selected, damage is rolled.

At first I discarded the idea, because "well, everyone's going to take all
the normal hits on their arms/legs"...which is true, and if you think about
a melee fight, that IS what sort of happens.

However, couple this with a system that COSTS you for arm damage
proportionally to your arm hit points - so a 1 point hit to a 4 point arm =
-25% to anything with that arm, and suddenly the target can't be quite so
casual about taking arm hits.
Leg hits might have a chance to knock prone proportional to hp and number
of limbs left.

Dunno, it's perhaps gameable, maybe it's cheesy, but it struck me as
actually fairly subtle.
What am I missing?
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