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Andrew bgecko at bigpond.com
Tue Dec 4 12:06:34 EST 2012

I still occasionally play RQ2, just to remind of those halcyon days of RPG's 
and my youth.

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>   1. Re: RQ6 (Ravi Desai)
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> From: Ravi Desai <rdesai at chartermi.net>
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> That's funny, I've hard the same experience with the red hardcover RQ2. 
> Virtually indestructible! You must be really nice to your rules books, my 
> RQ3 is nearly disintegrated now.
> That said, I like what they've done in RQ6, but find that I still inject 
> some of my own rules, and I still more or less avoid sorcery, which just 
> doesn't quite work for me.  I play tested a bit recently, and the group 
> had a lot of fun with some of the new concepts.
> The new rules set got me noodling over what actually got me started into 
> Runequest in the first place. I still really like RQ2 in some ways, so 
> over this holiday, I'm going to start up a retro campaign using RQ2 basic 
> rules, broken swords and all, just to see when I'm done, what I would 
> change about it, if it were up to me; which, of course, it isn't.  :-)
> Ravi
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> On Dec 3, 2012, at 6:10 PM, Peter Maranci <pmaranci at gmail.com> wrote:
>> "RQ3.Mine" describes my feelings perfectly. The classic RQ3 system (with 
>> a few customizations) slips onto my mind like a comfortable old leather 
>> glove; it does whatever I want it to, effortlessly.
>> My players are almost all relatively new to RQ, but they're all quite 
>> impressed with it. Some of them want to use it for their own campaigns. 
>> But I honestly don't know what to tell them to buy.
>> All I know is that since I don't need scenarios or reference material (I 
>> prefer to create my own), I have no reason to buy ANY new version! 
>> Although I'd definitely pay for a searchable PDF and hardcover copy of 
>> the complete RQ3 rules; my perfect bound Avalon Hill copy has finally 
>> started dropping pages. :-(
>> Funny, the red hardcover RQ2 book has outlived it, even though it's MUCH 
>> older.
>> On Dec 3, 2012 5:57 PM, "Lawrence Whitaker" <lawrence.whitaker at gmail.com> 
>> wrote:
>>> I'm biased, but you might like to take a look at the latest review on 
>>> RPGnet. It may help you decide.
>>> On 3 December 2012 17:51, Styopa <styopa1 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> So...Runequest 6?
>>>> Opinions?
>>>> I haven't got it yet (expect it for Xmas) but so far what I've seen is 
>>>> quite positive.
>>>> Here's my motivation - I've loved RQ3 for a long time.  Possibly some 
>>>> of the best times of my life have been late evenings DM'ing RQ with my 
>>>> sons and their friends.
>>>> Yet now post high school they're moving on, and both they (at their 
>>>> various colleges) and their friends (at their new lives) are wanting to 
>>>> spread RQ to benighted gaming groups whose breadth of experience has 
>>>> been D&D 4.0, or (at best) Pathfinder D&D.
>>>> The problem is that my RQ3 isn't just 3.1 or 3.2, it's really more like 
>>>> "RQ3-point-Mine".  I have so many house rules and kludges that have 
>>>> become standardized in my game that I'm more and more convinced that 
>>>> it's simply not exportable, and particularly not for younger gamers 
>>>> without an experienced hand's studied 'casualness' to published rules. 
>>>> (I started gaming clearly in another era...)
>>>> So what I'm thinking is that their lives (and their evangelism of the 
>>>> Joy of Simulationist gaming) would be much easier if we made a 
>>>> wholesale switch to a more 'current' version - something that other 
>>>> players could conceivably buy, something they can get today, something 
>>>> whose support materials are available to everyone and not with the bulk 
>>>> of the rules buried in my laptop or stacks of legal pads.
>>>> I skipped over RQ4 & RQ5 (MRQs), I had no need of a new system plus 
>>>> some of the considered reviews left me feeling underwhelmed at the 
>>>> re-writes.
>>>> So now I'm looking at RQ6.  From the limited bit I've seen/heard, I 
>>>> LIKE some of the choices from the cover art homage to RQ2, to the 
>>>> addition of alternate magic systems to better address what ended up 
>>>> kludgy in RQ3.
>>>> I desperately hope that we can - with a minimum of pain - update to 
>>>> something more currently/commercially available.  It seems like RQ6 has 
>>>> perhaps taken RQ3 and truly updated it with some gaming 
>>>> systems/concepts from the last decade or two that have really solved 
>>>> some issues.
>>>> I need a new system.  Is RQ6 going to serve?
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