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So...Runequest 6?
I haven't got it yet (expect it for Xmas) but so far what I've seen is
quite positive.

Here's my motivation - I've loved RQ3 for a long time.  Possibly some of
the best times of my life have been late evenings DM'ing RQ with my sons
and their friends.

Yet now post high school they're moving on, and both they (at their various
colleges) and their friends (at their new lives) are wanting to spread RQ
to benighted gaming groups whose breadth of experience has been D&D 4.0, or
(at best) Pathfinder D&D.

The problem is that my RQ3 isn't just 3.1 or 3.2, it's really more like
"RQ3-point-Mine".  I have so many house rules and kludges that have become
standardized in my game that I'm more and more convinced that it's simply
not exportable, and particularly not for younger gamers without an
experienced hand's studied 'casualness' to published rules.  (I started
gaming clearly in another era...)

So what I'm thinking is that their lives (and their evangelism of the Joy
of Simulationist gaming) would be much easier if we made a wholesale switch
to a more 'current' version - something that other players could
conceivably buy, something they can get today, something whose support
materials are available to everyone and not with the bulk of the rules
buried in my laptop or stacks of legal pads.

I skipped over RQ4 & RQ5 (MRQs), I had no need of a new system plus some of
the considered reviews left me feeling underwhelmed at the re-writes.

So now I'm looking at RQ6.  From the limited bit I've seen/heard, I LIKE
some of the choices from the cover art homage to RQ2, to the addition of
alternate magic systems to better address what ended up kludgy in RQ3.

I desperately hope that we can - with a minimum of pain - update to
something more currently/commercially available.  It seems like RQ6 has
perhaps taken RQ3 and truly updated it with some gaming systems/concepts
from the last decade or two that have really solved some issues.

I need a new system.  Is RQ6 going to serve?
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