[Runequest] RQ III Sorcery Skills: Speedcast and Multitarget

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Fri Aug 31 10:16:52 EST 2012

> But the sorceress is basically crippled. It takes her more than a round to
> cast a single spell, since a decent Venom or Palsy requires a fairly high
> number of magic points. She stands there, trying to cast, and at best only
> gets off one or two spells before the combat is over - and often, her
> spells have no meaningful impact on the combat at all. Her long-term
> enhancement spells are very helpful to the party, of course, but those
> don't require her presence in dangerous situations. And she's not getting
> a
> shot at power gain rolls.

This is, of course, how the RQ3 sorcerers were presented. When they get to
higher levels of power they can be very impressive indeed (such as the
characters in Strangers in Prax), but at the lower levels, yes... not so
much - although perhaps somewhat better than AD&D1e/2e characters who were
pretty much one-trick ponies.

> Here are the new skills:
> Speedcast: Each magic point used in Speedcast halves the casting time of
> the spell, with a minimum casting time of one strike rank. The maximum
> number of points of Speedcast that can be used is limited to 1 MP per full
> 10% in the skill, so a sorcerer with a Speedcast of 37% would be limited
> to
> no more than three points of Speedcast - allowing him to reduce casting
> time to 1/8th of the original time needed. Of course, each magic point
> spent on Speedcast does count towards the total casting time!

> for even if the skill fails, and increase the casting time by 1 SR per MP.
> Multitarget: Each MP spent on Multitarget increases the number of targets
> by one. As with Speedcast, the points that may be spent are capped to full
> 10% increments of the skill, so a caster with Multitarget at 43% couldn't
> target more than five enemies total in a single casting.

Both of these seem fine to me... They are within the spirit of the sorcery
system (i.e., added flexibility), they are balanced in terms of magic
point cost etc, and give extra utility to the characters.

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