[Runequest] RQ III Sorcery Skills: Speedcast and Multitarget

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Fri Aug 31 02:28:26 EST 2012

On 30/08/2012, at 11:12 PM, Peter Maranci wrote:
> Here are the new skills:
> Speedcast: Each magic point used in Speedcast halves the casting time of the spell, with a minimum casting time of one strike rank. The maximum number of points of Speedcast that can be used is limited to 1 MP per full 10% in the skill, so a sorcerer with a Speedcast of 37% would be limited to no more than three points of Speedcast - allowing him to reduce casting time to 1/8th of the original time needed. Of course, each magic point spent on Speedcast does count towards the total casting time!
> Example: A Venom spell is cast with Intensity 10 and Range 3 by a sorcerer whose Dex SR is 1. By adding Speedcast 3 to the spell, he ups the total cost of the spell to to 16 MP, but if his casting roll is under his Speedcast percentage he halves the casting time (9 SR), halves it again (4 SR), and halves it again for a final casting time of 2 SR. If his roll is over his Speedcast skill percentage but under all other skills used in the spell, the spell takes 17 SR. The MP spent on Speedcast must still be paid for even if the skill fails, and increase the casting time by 1 SR per MP.

	Given that Speedcast still counts towards the total points of manipulation, so very fast spells are going to be not only quite expensive in MPs but also nowhere near the maximum Intensity castable, this feels OK to me. 

> Multitarget: Each MP spent on Multitarget increases the number of targets by one. As with Speedcast, the points that may be spent are capped to full 10% increments of the skill, so a caster with Multitarget at 43% couldn't target more than five enemies total in a single casting.
> The spell being cast must be the same for all targets, including all sorcery manipulations; in other words, Intensity, Range, Duration, and anything else must be the identical. The full MP cost is required for each target, i.e. if a Palsy spell is being cast on two targets with Intensity 6 and Range 2, the total magic point cast is 17 - 8 for each spell, plus an additional MP for the Multitarget itself. The caster must designate the primary target before casting, since if they fail their Multitarget roll but succeed otherwise the spell will be cast on the primary target only.
> [Is this too restrictive? Should Multitarget only require the MP in the spell to be expended once? In that case, the spell above would cost 9 MP rather than 17.]

I'd only require the 'standard' MP cost myself. Sorcery already gives you the least bang for the buck per MP I find. 

> Only one POW vs. POW roll is made. It is applied against all targets, so it's possible that not all targets will be overcome.

Interesting mechanic. 



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