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FYI  https://www.msu.edu/user/moulinfr/Sorcery.html  variant sorcery
already has Speed as an Art, works pretty well in our campaign.

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> I've been running a multi-genre classic RuneQuest III campaign for a year
> now, and one of the PCs is playing a sorceress. We've been using the
> standard sorcery rules. I know all the objections to the standard sorcery
> system, and my campaign has a number of alternate magic systems in use
> (including ones that transcend the system, operating on a strictly
> conceptual basis).
> But the sorceress is basically crippled. It takes her more than a round to
> cast a single spell, since a decent Venom or Palsy requires a fairly high
> number of magic points. She stands there, trying to cast, and at best only
> gets off one or two spells before the combat is over - and often, her
> spells have no meaningful impact on the combat at all. Her long-term
> enhancement spells are very helpful to the party, of course, but those
> don't require her presence in dangerous situations. And she's not getting a
> shot at power gain rolls.
> So I recently added two new sorcery skills to try to balance sorcery. Both
> are treated in the same way as the other standard sorcery spells; they
> don't increase from experience, for example, and the casting roll must be
> under the skill as well in order to apply the skill to the spell. We
> haven't had a chance to test these skills out yet, but I'd be interested in
> hearing opinions.
> With one exception: I know that some people have no use for the RQ III
> sorcery system. I don't need to be told once again about the many
> alternatives. I use alternatives - hell, I wrote one, and have created many
> others - but I'm interested in adapting THIS system, not replacing it
> outright.
> Here are the new skills:
> Speedcast: Each magic point used in Speedcast halves the casting time of
> the spell, with a minimum casting time of one strike rank. The maximum
> number of points of Speedcast that can be used is limited to 1 MP per full
> 10% in the skill, so a sorcerer with a Speedcast of 37% would be limited to
> no more than three points of Speedcast - allowing him to reduce casting
> time to 1/8th of the original time needed. Of course, each magic point
> spent on Speedcast does count towards the total casting time!
> Example: A Venom spell is cast with Intensity 10 and Range 3 by a sorcerer
> whose Dex SR is 1. By adding Speedcast 3 to the spell, he ups the total
> cost of the spell to to 16 MP, but if his casting roll is under his
> Speedcast percentage he halves the casting time (9 SR), halves it again (4
> SR), and halves it again for a final casting time of 2 SR. If his roll is
> over his Speedcast skill percentage but under all other skills used in the
> spell, the spell takes 17 SR. The MP spent on Speedcast must still be paid
> for even if the skill fails, and increase the casting time by 1 SR per MP.
> Multitarget: Each MP spent on Multitarget increases the number of targets
> by one. As with Speedcast, the points that may be spent are capped to full
> 10% increments of the skill, so a caster with Multitarget at 43% couldn't
> target more than five enemies total in a single casting.
> The spell being cast must be the same for all targets, including all
> sorcery manipulations; in other words, Intensity, Range, Duration, and
> anything else must be the identical. The full MP cost is required for each
> target, i.e. if a Palsy spell is being cast on two targets with Intensity 6
> and Range 2, the total magic point cast is 17 - 8 for each spell, plus an
> additional MP for the Multitarget itself. The caster must designate the
> primary target before casting, since if they fail their Multitarget roll
> but succeed otherwise the spell will be cast on the primary target only.
> [Is this too restrictive? Should Multitarget only require the MP in the
> spell to be expended once? In that case, the spell above would cost 9 MP
> rather than 17.]
> Only one POW vs. POW roll is made. It is applied against all targets, so
> it's possible that not all targets will be overcome.
> If combined with Speedcast, the Speedcast skill is applied to the combined
> spells rather than to each spell individually. [Should that apply to all
> manipulation skills?]
> Multitarget could be used to simulate an area of effect spell. A Glow
> spell could be cast on five enemies simultaneously, for example.
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