[Runequest] Literate Neolithics?

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Thu Aug 30 22:56:34 EST 2012

Hi Loz,

> Pete's also beaten me to the obvious answer. The cultures and
> professions are broad churches and have to be if the game is to be
> kept at a generic enough level. I would add, though, that each
> profession also comes equipped with a series of alternative title
> suggestions, so if the term 'Scholar' rankles when used in conjunction
> with the primitive culture, then why not use 'Lore Keeper', 'Sage',
> 'Wise Man/Woman' instead? That's why we included the alternative names
> for each career.

Ahh, but a point being is that such professions, such degrees of
specialisation, did not exist from the starting range of professions.
*Everyone* was a much a scholar, as they were a hunter, as they were a
warrior. At best there was sex and age divisions of labour.

> Its all relative though, and dependent entirely on how your cultures
> are framed in a campaign. If your campaign is entirely focused on a
> single culture, or a milieu in which there is only one such culture,
> there's no need for such a cap.

Actually there still is. The table isn't relative to other cultures, it is
relative only to the capacity to form grammatically consistent and
complete sentences, something that proto-writing simply does not, and
cannot, do.

Given that this is a list about RQ rules, that is a rules recommendation I
feel can be justly made; consider it as much of a social technology as
various weapon skills; if you come from a primitive culture, you're
literacy will be technologically limited in the same way that they cannot
choice a greatsword as a cultural weapon.

(Apropos to this, I also think that primitive cultures should have an
advantage with magic, because they do miss out on everything else, but
that's another thread)

> ...Ultimately, if you, as GM,
> don't think there is any place for a particular profession within a
> particular culture, don't offer it to your players as an option. Its
> that simple.

Yes, but that's the same with any game system. I mean, I could work my way
through Spawn of Fashan, The World of Synnibarr, Cyborg Commando, or even
the game-that-must-not-be-mentioned and modify so that it suits the
purposes of the game I want to participate in. It is much easier however
if this is not necessary. System, as they say, is important.

All being said and done however, I should also mention that this is a
*very* minor complaint for what is a pretty good game overall.

All the best, Lev

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