[Runequest] Literate Neolithics?

Pete Nash the.iqari at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 19:28:02 EST 2012

> After all if we care about applying a modicum of realism to smashing
> people's heads in, such a concern may as well be applied, even on a less
> exacting level, on social settings and avoiding anachronisms in
> professions and technology.

Indeed, but our customer base isn't limited to just
palaeoanthropological social
simulationists. RQ6 is a toolbox for everything from historical to high
fantasy. For the cultures especially we need the base rules to be
inclusive, not restrictive. Refinements to available careers are best left
to specific setting books. For example the Mycenaean Greece supplement will
offer more precise guidance on which careers and skills should be
available, based on the earliest literature and current archaeology, just
as I did with BRP Rome. Be assured that if I ever get around to writing a
neolithic setting I'll take your points to heart. :)
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