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I also use two actions a round and have discarded Strike Ranks. It was a 
fun concept to start with, but RQIII perverted it beyond usability (and 
I say that as one of the people who designed it). Currently I use 
DEX+D10 for initiative.

I use 1 Mana point = 1 DEX point for determining when spells go off. 
Since I have a spell building system, it is entirely possible to go to 
negative Initiative for throwing a spell. An 11 Mana Pt spell goes into 
the second round; for that purpose alone I equate 1 action with 10 DEX 
points. And if I have a lot of players I often ignore this rule and just 
have spells go off at DEX.

Over the years, I have gotten less and less fond of gimmicks that give a 
player extra actions (I say "player" intentionally). Multiple strikes 
within one action are okay as a concession to reality, but giving one 
player extra actions just bogs down the game for other players- and the GM.

I also actively dislike the idea that defensive actions take up an 
action. For simplicity's sake, I just let Parries and Dodges happen when 
needed. I do not limit the defending character's number of defenses. I 
figure the more opportunities he has to roll the dice, the more likely 
he will blow the roll.

Steve Perrin

On 11/29/2011 1:15 AM, Alban de ROSTOLAN wrote:
> Hi,
> Mongoose RuneQuest II uses the sum of INT and DEX to determine the 
> number of actions one can do in a turn : 1 for 1 to 12, 2 for 13 to 24 
> and so on...
> The average of the same characteristics is used to determine 
> initiative order, summed with 1d10.
> Actions are resolved one by one : every character has a chance to do 
> its first action before any other one has the opportunity to do its 
> second action.
> Parries and Dodges also count as actions, even if they can be used 
> "out of turn".
> For example if a character with 4 actions faces another one with 2 
> actions, it is likely turn will play like that if no one parries :
> Character 1 1st action
> Character 2 1st action
> Character 1 2nd action
> Character 2 2nd action
> Character 1 3rd action
> Character 1 3rd action
> As for myself, I'd use the system below :
> -DEX +1d10 determines Initiative
> -Every Attack costs 5 Initiative points.
> -Spell casting would have an Initiative cost based on spell's Magic 
> Point cost.
> -Parries cost 2 Initiative points
> -Dodges cost 3 Initiative points
> A character will be allowed to act each time no one has a current 
> initiative higher than his.
> Ties are resolved using any relevant stat : Skill, INT, SIZ and/or DEX.
> By the way, isn't RuneQuest 3 round 10 seconds long ?
> Seems to me it's in RuneQuest 2 that a turn lasts 12 seconds.
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> Hi, All,
>   A question about how to regulate action in a melee round.  But first an
> explanation:
>   I can work with strike ranks, both as a means of deciding who rolls to
> hit first and as a means of regulating the sequence of other events in
> a strike rank.  However, for my children, that would be too hard.  They
> aren't playing RuneQuest III yet, but I can't help thinking about it.
>   I know they'd be fine with strike ranks as a means of deciding who
> rolls to hit first.  I'd like to keep melee strike ranks for that
> purpose.
>   Various possibilities for regulating action in a melee round come to
> mind.  For example, divide RQ3's 12-second melee round into thirds, and
> explicitly calling them 1st third, 2nd third & final 3rd.  This would
> allow up to three melee attacks per melee round.  But how does it
> impact spell casting?  I could say that a spell requires 3 SR's per
> magic point, so that a 3-magic-point spell goes off on SR 9 of the 1st
> third, but a 4-magic-point spell goes off on SR 2 of the 2nd third.
>   Hmm.  Maybe reinventing the wheel is not the wisest approach.
>   I would like to know how other versions of RuneQuest -- or house rules
> -- deal with regulating the actions in a melee round.  If anyone would
> care to share, I'd much appreciate it.
>   Sincerely,
> Asher
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