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Mongoose RuneQuest II uses the sum of INT and DEX to determine the number of actions one can do in a turn : 1 for 1 to 12, 2 for 13 to 24 and so on...
The average of the same characteristics is used to determine initiative order, summed with 1d10.
Actions are resolved one by one : every character has a chance to do its first action before any other one has the opportunity to do its second action.
Parries and Dodges also count as actions, even if they can be used "out of turn".

For example if a character with 4 actions faces another one with 2 actions, it is likely turn will play like that if no one parries :

Character 1 1st action

Character 2 1st action
Character 1 2nd action
Character 2 2nd action
Character 1 3rd action
Character 1 3rd action

As for myself, I'd use the system below :

-DEX +1d10 determines Initiative
-Every Attack costs 5 Initiative points.
-Spell casting would have an Initiative cost based on spell's Magic Point cost.

-Parries cost 2 Initiative points

-Dodges cost 3 Initiative points

A character will be allowed to act each time no one has a current initiative higher than his.
Ties are resolved using any relevant stat : Skill, INT, SIZ and/or DEX.

By the way, isn't RuneQuest 3 round 10 seconds long ?
Seems to me it's in RuneQuest 2 that a turn lasts 12 seconds.

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Objet : [Runequest] melee round regulation question
Hi, All,
   A question about how to regulate action in a melee round.  But first an
   I can work with strike ranks, both as a means of deciding who rolls to
hit first and as a means of regulating the sequence of other events in
a strike rank.  However, for my children, that would be too hard.  They
aren't playing RuneQuest III yet, but I can't help thinking about it.
   I know they'd be fine with strike ranks as a means of deciding who
rolls to hit first.  I'd like to keep melee strike ranks for that
   Various possibilities for regulating action in a melee round come to
mind.  For example, divide RQ3's 12-second melee round into thirds, and
explicitly calling them 1st third, 2nd third & final 3rd.  This would
allow up to three melee attacks per melee round.  But how does it
impact spell casting?  I could say that a spell requires 3 SR's per
magic point, so that a 3-magic-point spell goes off on SR 9 of the 1st
third, but a 4-magic-point spell goes off on SR 2 of the 2nd third.
   Hmm.  Maybe reinventing the wheel is not the wisest approach.

   I would like to know how other versions of RuneQuest -- or house rules
-- deal with regulating the actions in a melee round.  If anyone would
care to share, I'd much appreciate it.

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