[Runequest] melee round regulation question

Robert Hoffman iquinn at surewest.net
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Yeah same goes for us; 2 actions per turn which includes a basic shuffle or
rotate for movement.  You can then select movement for one or both of your
actions; this is a quick and dirty way to account for charges/knockbacks.  I
loved the concept of strike rank but always found them too cumbersome in
practice.  IMHO combat should be quick and dynamic.


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On 29 November 2011 11:50,  <royce at efn.org> wrote:
> Hi, All,
>   I would like to know how other versions of RuneQuest -- or house rules
> -- deal with regulating the actions in a melee round.  If anyone would
> care to share, I'd much appreciate it.


Good for you, indoctrinating... err... "teaching" your kids to roleplay. :)

In my group (sadly so far past childhood we are barely the same
species) we eventually settled on allowing 2 actions per round, chosen
from attack, defend (dodge or parry), or cast a spell - so if you want
to cast a spell, you give up either your attack or parry for the
round. We kept the strike rank system for who gets to go first; with
an attack, it's your melee SR as normal, with a spell it's your DEXSR
+ magic points expended.

We found that to be a reasonable compromise that preserves most of the
feel of the core rules while making it a bit quicker to calculate in

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