[Runequest] dragon mountain assent into hell

harry woolley harryw1602 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 30 20:20:58 EST 2011

hi guys my PCs are making there way up the 3ft wide trak up the mountain after they got ambushed by 30 dragonkin and 6 orcs on boars,this incounter left a few PCs a bit sick and a few dragonkin and orcs+boars dead after a good rest and plenty off bacon sandwichs they set of up the trak,after many clashes with dragonkin archers in the rocks they finely shot a dragonkin shaman throuth the head but as he fell past them he brought down loads of rocks only one made a contact,a great big bull mastiv belunging to the dwarf ,as it fell i made him take a locaction roll whith the warhammer scater dice it scord a hit .it hit a memmber of the group who they sent back to the village to look affter there stuff right on the head,what about that for fantasy,they must think me as a DM carn,t be trusted.by the way a giant stepped out onto the trak but promtly fell of to big i guess it never hit any body.i put that in to make them smile after the death of a mans best
 freind and there spare PC,the journy continues.
                                   sorry about the spelling ive a thick computer
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