[Runequest] Legal Status of RuneQuest SRD

Vile viletraveller at gmail.com
Sun May 29 13:39:35 EST 2011

With the demise of the Mongoose RuneQuest licence, it naturally occurred to
me to wonder whether this would have any effect on the MRQ1 SRDs. I couldn't
imagine that it would, as one of the purposes of the OGL was to ensure that
Open Content would always remain Open, otherwise OGL publishers would have
no assurance that their products would not have to be abandoned at a
moment's notice. Whether or not Mongoose were the originators of the Open
Content, or holding a licence from the originator (Issaries) seems to be
irrelevant. A number of third parties have jumped in (mainly on RPGnet) with
claims that Mongoose never had the right to publish the SRDs containing
Gloranthan names (Dragonewts, Crimson Bat, etc.), but I find those claims
somewhat spurious as they would imply detailed knowledge of the contracts
signed by Mongoose and Issaries.

All of my independent investigations have pointed to the same thing, the
SRDs are as valid now as they were before the MRQ licence ended. Unless the
SRDs were illegally published without Issaries' permission, the OGC therein
will always be OGC. I'm still waiting to hear from Issaries and Mongoose on
the matter.
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