[Runequest] Contemplating House Rule -- Advice?

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Tue May 24 03:42:09 EST 2011

, must keep this mail and suggest it next time we play.Actually I quite
like this

Peter Maranci wrote:
> Personally it has always seemed to me that the cut-off of death at zero
> general HP didn't make sense - it's much too binary for a percentile
> system.
> :D
> How about this? At zero HP, the victim is unconscious. For every point
> below
> 0, they must make a resistance roll of the negative damage versus their
> CON.
> Failure equals death at the end of the round.
> Success: unconscious but stable for the next 1d6 rounds, after which they
> must make resistance rolls again.
> Special success: permanently stabilized, unconscious but no further rolls
> needed.
> Critical success: Immediately recovers consciousness and is now at a
> positive value of 1d6 current HP.
> What do you think, too complicated?

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