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Sun May 22 13:46:08 EST 2011

That's Chaosium 2nd Edition RuneQuest, by the way.

Back in the day, we always assumed that non-combat skill advancement worked
in the same way as for combat skills. That is, you could buy a 5% increment
in training, but then you had to advance 5% through experience before you
could buy another 5% training, and so on.

However, I can't find anything in the RAW that actually states this. The
Combat Skills chapter spells out combat skill progression pretty explicitly,
but the only thing I can find in the Other Skills chapter is "Some skills
must be learned all at once, rather than 5% at a time." That seems to refer
mainly to alchemy skills, so it's not that helpful. Likewise, the examples
only show 5% training increases, but that's just the way they are written -
they don't actually say that this is because 5% is all that's possible.

Does anyone know of any RQ2 references that confirm or invalidate the 5%
training / 5% experience progression for non-combat skills?

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