[Runequest] Many thanks!

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Sun May 22 02:25:59 EST 2011

Many thanks, everyone.  Much appreciated!


PS  Bjorn, my purpose is nicely summarized by your comment, quoted below.

There could be some weapoons that perhaps will end up less lethal compared to
others, but if that rocks your boat, etc...
I think this set of rules will work well for your style of campagin, where
you are
helpless as easily as in ordinary RQ-rules, but where there's a bigger
chanse of
beeing patched up, ready for undelayed campagin-action.

No more "After the great battle with Tim the Enchanter, we went to the
monastary of
Gnyldroch for 2 years, awaiting the regrowing of Argnrolf's leg. Then we
went to
Arand Dor, where Nils Olofsson lost his right arm AND his left leg..."

Perhaps the orginal rules would be very fun in a pirate-setting! :D

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