[Runequest] House rule contemplation continued...

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Sat May 21 08:11:57 EST 2011

Hi, All,
   Thank you very much for your many good responses.
   After further thought, I came to the following house rule:

1.  Except for the head, a hit location is destroyed by triple damage. 
The head continues to be destroyed by double damage.

2.  General hit points reduced to zero incapacitates the being.

3.  General hit points reduced to negative [general hit points] kills the
being.  (Perhaps negatives could be shown with backslashes on the hit
points box of the character sheet.)  Also, destruction of the head, chest
or abdomen hit location also kills the being, as per RQ3 (avalon hill)
published rules.

4.  No countdown.  Loss of 1 hp per melee round is an already existing
risk in the published rules, so no need to repeat the risk.  So you could
end up with a battered character that is incapacitated, at negative HP,
but not dying.  Given nursing, this character would have a long recovery
time without magic, but that's fine.

   So, my question is, will this house rule have some consequence which I
haven't recognized yet?  Will it somehow damage the game?

Asher Royce

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