[Runequest] Contemplating House Rule -- Advice?

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Not sure if it's mistranslation of RQ2 rules but we played it as going to
negative value is a maimed limb (the 4-hp arm goes to negative 4); maimed
limbs permanently lose one from the max hp (so the arm would then have
3-hp).  This is the maximum body damage the character can take to that
location but they do need to start making bleeding rolls (CONx5 to skip a
round; CONx1 to temporarily stop the flow).  Taking further damage to that
limb just makes bleeding out more likely.

To sever a limb you need to take double the value of the limb +6 (not sure
where this magic number came from) in a SINGLE blow. So to chop off the same
arm would require a single hit of 14 damage, though the body damage is still
only twice the value of the limb (8 damage in this example).  In this case
you again have the bleeding but only skip a round with CONx1 until you get
some healing or amazing first aid.   

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> Proposed House Rule Solution:  A hit location is permanently destroyed by
> taking triple the location's HP, not double.  For example it would take 9
> pts of damage, not 6, to cut off a 3-hp arm.
> Obvious Problem:  Increase in the damage to general hit points.  For
> example, a severe blow to the arm could do 9 pts to general HP, instead of
> just 6.

The other option is to separate "severed" and "irrevocably maimed", so
that the latter requires 3x locational hit points and the latter "just" 2x
hit points. Anyway, that's the house-rule I've been using...

Hope this helps,


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