[Runequest] Contemplating House Rule -- Advice?

lev at rpgreview.net lev at rpgreview.net
Thu May 19 08:30:42 EST 2011

> Proposed House Rule Solution:  A hit location is permanently destroyed by
> taking triple the location's HP, not double.  For example it would take 9
> pts of damage, not 6, to cut off a 3-hp arm.
> Obvious Problem:  Increase in the damage to general hit points.  For
> example, a severe blow to the arm could do 9 pts to general HP, instead of
> just 6.

The other option is to separate "severed" and "irrevocably maimed", so
that the latter requires 3x locational hit points and the latter "just" 2x
hit points. Anyway, that's the house-rule I've been using...

Hope this helps,


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