[Runequest] Contemplating House Rule -- Advice?

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Thu May 19 08:14:08 EST 2011

Hi, All,
   I've been contemplating a house rule to 3rd Edition RQ (Avalon Hill),
but haven't yet thought it all the way through.   If you take the time
to follow my reasoning below, you can see that the idea runs into
trouble right away.

Perceived Problem:  So many dismembered limbs scatter the floors of RQ
adventures.  Seems odd.

Proposed House Rule Solution:  A hit location is permanently destroyed by
taking triple the location's HP, not double.  For example it would take 9
pts of damage, not 6, to cut off a 3-hp arm.

Obvious Problem:  Increase in the damage to general hit points.  For
example, a severe blow to the arm could do 9 pts to general HP, instead of
just 6.

Proposed Follow-Up Solutions:
1.  Maybe general HP reduced to 0 isn't simply death.  Maybe it represents
critical condition, instead.  And then the character has [general HP]
melee rounds in which to be brought back to positive general HP, or else
die.  Justifiable, looking at how long it can take hopelessly wounded
animals to die, but not an elegant solution.
   For example, Slayer Tim, with 12 general HP, takes wounds totaling 16
points of damage.  He's out of general HP, leaving him incapacitated
and starting to die.  He's already 4 points negative, so he needs to be
brought back to positive HP within (12 - 4 = 8) eight melee rounds.

2.  Or maybe I could ask players to mentally remember that, while a limb
might take up to triple damage, only up to double damage applies to
general HP.  Lame extra mental step that is sure to cause confusion. 
Forget this one.

3.  Ask fellow RQ'ers if you guys have any better ideas.

   Any feedback is welcome.  I am especially interested in hearing how my
idea can go wrong.  Many thanks ahead of time for you time & opinions.
Asher Royce

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