[Runequest] Acaeum for RuneQuest?

lev at rpgreview.net lev at rpgreview.net
Wed May 18 08:37:41 EST 2011

> I would like to see that done, so I'm willing to help. I could even add
> Spanish published material for RQ.
> And I may even find someone who owns issues of "Pavic Tales" and is
> willing
> to sell/share! :-D
> Maybe you should post that on the Yahoo! mail lists and the BRP forums.
> Will it include HeroQuest and MRQII?

I certainly appreciate these offers and especially those for foreign
language editions.

I would say it would include MRQI and II , but not HeroQuest... It would
be a RQ compendium...

Best wishes, Lev

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