[Runequest] Pavis Equipment

Simon Phipp soltakss at yahoo.com
Sun May 15 00:25:45 EST 2011

Sean Foster:

> Thanks Lev,
> But was chasing a text file or spread sheet that that had a lot more on it.
> Will start to type in all references and supply to list in a week or so.

Don't start typing yet - Peter and Dale Long have both sent me the missing file.

Peter Brink:
> Here's the requested file plus a few other excel files that contain 
> lists of info about Pavis. If the price list is gone from the web so may 
> the others...
> http://www.rollspelshornan.se/files/rqp.zip

Many thanks. The other files seem to have vanished as well. I have uploaded them onto my website.

See Ya

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