[Runequest] Horse Combat

Tony Den postmaster at runequest.za.org
Wed May 11 21:55:04 EST 2011

Lev Lafayette wrote:
> Now if you want to apply that to charging, I would probably limit to
> exceptionally trained warhorses only. The reason being is that most
> critters would be paying attention to something they're about to run
> into.. It's going to make that charge quite terrifying tho'...
>> Sounds good to me. One to use for the Rhino Riders in my Praxian
>> campaign.
> *nods* Exactly where it was used in mine. :)

Offly enough and slightly OT here, but was at a game reserve last weekend.
Went on a drive and encountered some rino. It got a bit annoyed with the
vehicle ahead of us and some quick reversing was done:) Must say living in
Africa does have its perks sometimes.

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