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Tue May 10 22:37:36 EST 2011

Hi Harry,

> hi guys can any body give me stats for a boltfire wpn as the list only
> tells you hvy crossbow as my pc,s incounter x2 when they get to the
> opening in dragon mountain,this week they incounter the rolling rocks as
> they move along the 3ft wide track as they wind there way up the moutain i
> have tacken in what you all said about the stats for this part off the
> game but still not made up my mind,tell you how it go,s.

I believe you're playing Mongoose's edition of RuneQuest Deluxe which has
a Heavy Crossbow at 2d8 and a Light Crossbow at 2d6. You may wish to use
Nick's comprehensive list of RuneQuest (3rd edition, Avalon Hill/Chaosium)
to derive what you want...


Scroll down to "Siege Weapons" :)

Have fun!


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