[Runequest] Thieves want Garrottes

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Cults of Terror, definitely.  I had a dark troll Doomed One who was pretty handy with a silver garrotte.  I think it was (Very roughly) 1D6 possibly 1D6+1 damage a round, armour protected only until overcome.
I don't recall any rules on a called shot, but if the target was unaware of the attack, I can't see how you could attack any other part of the body with a garrotte.  If the target isn't surprised, I'd let them try and get something in the way, but the something would take damage too- a hand or a shield, most likely.  

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I'd guess there are Garrote rules for RQ in some Thanatar thing, somewhere.
In regards to the nasty version (wire, not just cord) I'd rule it has to be a called-shot attack, from the rear, against an unsuspecting or helpless target.  (How you rule that is critical to how "super" the garrote is.)
Only armor that counts is head armor, although on a luck roll of some sort, I might allow the target to get 1- or 2- hands underneath the garrote, in which case, the hand-armor and hand-hp also resist.
Damage is 1d4+STR.
If feeling benign, I'd probably say that the damage goes cumulatively each subsequent round, and when the total reaches negative Head HP*2, the head comes off.
If feeling malign, one could say that the damage (minus armor) is applied on the resist table to decapitate.

On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 2:15 AM, Anders Swenson <anders at sfo.com> wrote:

We play a highly varient RQ, but it's still RuneQuest. Today, we came up
wondering what rules for the garrote have ever been published, in any of
the various editions. Any takers?


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