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Tom Cantine tcantine at incentre.net
Fri May 6 00:02:39 EST 2011

As an articling law student, one of the tasks I'd often be assigned was 
to go to court and ask a judge grant a "fiat", instructing the clerks 
to allow some document or other to be filed notwithstanding a technical 
irregularity of some sort. It introduces a bit of flexibility into the 
regulations; the clerks at Land Titles aren't permitted to file 
documents unless everything is in order, but sometimes circumstances 
are such that you can't get the dower affidavit signed because the 
spouse was last known to be in prison in Nigeria or something.

Also, "fiat lux!" is Latin for "Let there be light!"  At work, nobody 
got my joke when I said, "Fiat lunch!"

On 5-May-11, at 7:56 AM, Tony Den wrote:

> Styopa wrote:
>> IMO it's ALWAYS better to implement mechanics that cause players to be
>> motivated in ways that mimic real life, than to 'deus ex machina' an
>> effect
>> into the game by fiat.
> Good point. But to go slightly off topic, I have heard/read of 
> designers
> fiat before. But cant say I have ever heard what it actually means, ro
> where the term comes from. i doubt its related to Fabrica Automotiva
> Italiano del Torini (FIAT) (excuse spelling).
> Tony
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