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I'd be careful about the "+3pts protection" for testing against real world
example though the point is still valid with the other armor.  For our group
we definitely would apply knockback damage from the impact and as mentioned
there was modifiers for the speed of the mount.  Additionally, regardless of
the charge you have the standard height advantage of the mounted fighters
(+10% for them, -10% for the foot soldiers and hit chart modifier to favor
chest/head targets).  


Dodge would also needs some serious negative modifiers if you're facing a
trained line of mounted warriors charging forward as a solid wall.   


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In our group we would like for a charging horseman to be really frightening
- but under RQ2/RQ3 rules it really is not. 


Just adding the horse's damage bonus (say 2d60 is not really enough).  


lance 1D10 + 2d6 damage bonus gives an average 12.5 points and maximum (excl
specials) of 22 points.  If the guy on the ground has a medium shield + 5
pts Armour + 3pts protection then 12.5 pts damage has no effect and 22
points is just a flesh wound.  He can then hit back at the almost totally
unprotected house with a very good chance of bringing it down.


Even a lightly armoured bowman with a high Dex, has little to fear - his
multiple shots will probably bring the horse down long before its gets to
him and, with a good dodge, can get out of the way at the last moment.


Some of our thoughts are 

a)      Add greater damage bonus to account for the weigh of horse flesh
coming at you at speed (say 2D6+6).

b)      Against a changing horse either dodge and no attack, or parry and

c)       Allow the animal to have a knockback in addition to the weapon
damage - thus even with a 90% parry one is likely to be knocked back and
unable to attack that round.


Any thoughts?


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