[Runequest] Horse Combat

Tom Cantine tcantine at incentre.net
Tue May 3 02:51:39 EST 2011

I thought that proper cavalry horses, the heavy ones used for serious 
lance charges, would normally have a damage bonus of 3d6 or more, 
anyway. Not that this is a huge difference from 2d6, but it is 

I do sort of like the idea of including speed as a component to damage 
bonuses, and I remember working out a fairly complete treatment of 
velocity/energy for all sorts of collisions, although I hadn't 
specifically been thinking of cavalry charges. But now that I think of 
it, I think a big part of what makes a cavalry charge so terrifying has 
less to do with the lances than with the sheer mass of horseflesh 
bearing down on you. Whether or not the lance hits, you're gonna get 
smashed and trampled, unless there are lots of rows of solid pikes 
between you and the horses. Head for the trees!

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