[Runequest] Introductory scenario for newcomers to RQ

Dale Long dtl at internode.on.net
Sun Jun 19 03:17:53 EST 2011

On 18/06/2011 3:17 PM, Peter Maranci wrote:
> I'm going to be running an introductory RuneQuest scenario tomorrow 
> for a group of five newcomers to RQ. Three of them know D&D, and two 
> are pretty new to roleplaying in general.

How about a variation of 'I Want You to Kill the Ice Cream Man'.
Replace the ice cream man with a traveling puppeteer-troubadour (think 
of some small but foul chaos thing).

If you have it, a variation of the "Munchrooms" (originally found in 
Trollpak) might also be suitable. As with protecting Grinlge's Pawnshop 
(Apple Lane), this is similar to Seven Samurai (or Magnificent Seven) 
from a "strategic and creative defense of a village" point of view.


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