[Runequest] Introductory scenario for newcomers to RQ

strobus at sympatico.ca strobus at sympatico.ca
Sat Jun 18 22:59:35 EST 2011

> May I suggest, The Garhound Contest/ Melisande's Hand instead? It actually
> introduces more of the game system, but also has a superior background and
> several side stories as well. Or even Apple Lane, which would certainly
> appeal to the tactical side from the D&D players and has a firmly embedded
> background.

I'll second this. I've used this or run an adaptation of this 3 times with new players to great success. The PCs can try their had at a wide variety of skills, and there is a lot of scope for humour. The scenario is found in Sun County. Be warned that with randomly rolled new PCS, there can be a high whiff factor, so either use the pregens or bump up some of the skills.


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