[Runequest] Introductory scenario for newcomers to RQ

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Sat Jun 18 19:05:57 EST 2011

> I'm going to be running an introductory RuneQuest scenario tomorrow for a
> group of five newcomers to RQ. Three of them know D&D, and two are pretty
> new to roleplaying in general.
> We're not using Glorantha, although I am allowing Dark Trolls as well as
> humans in the game. It's low-level to start, but has the option to become
> a
> world-hopping campaign before long; I want to try using some of the
> multi-genre capabilities of Basic Roleplaying. I'm thinking of using the
> RQ3
> sample scenario tomorrow, just to give them a taste of the system...but if
> anyone can suggest a better starting scenario, or even an idea for one,
> I'd
> love to hear it. I can't use anything from my own website, because at
> least
> one of the players has been reading it.

I can't say I'm overly fond of The Money Tree. It introduces the system,
but the storyline is about as unexciting, unmemorable and hackneyed as one
can find. Start in pub. Get offered job. Confront bandit. Deal with
natural obstacles (a bear, a climb, a stream). Avoid one tough monster.
Collect treasure. Return.


May I suggest, The Garhound Contest/ Melisande's Hand instead? It actually
introduces more of the game system, but also has a superior background and
several side stories as well. Or even Apple Lane, which would certainly
appeal to the tactical side from the D&D players and has a firmly embedded

A third option, which would also work if you want to start the PCs just a
little tougher than usual, would be Gaumata's Vision for Shadows on the
Borderlands, which should be memorable to say the least. Links to Nick
Brooke's running of this scenario and mine follows..

Obvious any Gloranthan-specific components can be changed without much



Hope this helps,


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