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Sun Jun 12 22:35:33 EST 2011

> Now, to be clear, the cow was just the surrogate mother after he was
> removed
> from his mother's womb by those witches!

Ahh, that's very true :)

> 2. He could see through their eyes, but had to concentrate to do so. This
> could be skill-based, so your PC beastmaster might be able to do it easily
> while meditating by the fireside, but he'd have to be quite good to be
> able
> to do it in combat (i.e. he'd get skill penalties). In RQ, I would suggest
> that he should just be able to use the beast's senses when he does this,
> i.e. use the beast's perception skills.

Which is pretty much Allied Spirit territory...

Best wishes,


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