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Now, to be clear, the cow was just the surrogate mother after he was removed
from his mother's womb by those witches!

The movie Beastmaster (there were several movies as well as the TV series,
but I'm only familiar with the first movie) had several beastish friends - a
black panther, a hawk (or something), and a pair of ferret-type things. He
basically had two abilities relating to them:

1. He could communicate with all of them and they were able to follow quite
complex mental instructions; i.e. he never had to vocalise them, he would
just look into their eyes and gesture, then they would go off and do their
thing. There was some element of independence, so I don't think it was
coercion as much as a very close mental link. He always calls them his "his
friends". This doesn't really need any rules in play - the beasts will
generally do what the beastmaster wants, but they will retain individual
personalities and go off to do their own thing, or be stubborn about
instructions from time to time. You (the referee, not the PC beastman)
should play them as generally obedient NPCs, not as mindless extensions of
the beastmaster. However, you have to think how the beastmaster gets these
powers - in the film this was a unique set of circumstances, so it shouldn't
be anything like a divine spell available to anyone.

2. He could see through their eyes, but had to concentrate to do so. This
could be skill-based, so your PC beastmaster might be able to do it easily
while meditating by the fireside, but he'd have to be quite good to be able
to do it in combat (i.e. he'd get skill penalties). In RQ, I would suggest
that he should just be able to use the beast's senses when he does this,
i.e. use the beast's perception skills.

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