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Sun Jun 12 11:07:14 EST 2011

>> high guys one of my PC,s said in the next game comes up can he be a
>> beastmaster,ive looked into this,mgrq,
>> and carnt seem to put one together becuese of what a beastmaster does,im
>> going off the TVone and earth 
>> dawn book,so as normal get your thinking caps on and come to the rescue.
> I don't know about the TV one and haven't read Earthsawn, but there was a
> Beastmaster film back in the 80s, I think.

Yeah, the Beastmaster was born from a cow. Starred Rip Torn, which is one
of the more amusing names in film...

Prior to the acquisition of Legendary Abilities I would suggest something
like the following:

Primitive, Peasant, Nomad or Barbarian cultural background.

Animal Trainer, Herdsman and Tracker as Professions.

... And get yourself Beast runetouched!

(Anyone born from a cow gets that for free, I reckon)

All the best,


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