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Andrew bgecko at bigpond.com
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You may be right in regards to Glorantha no longer being a great setting for 
a game in todays market. Although, it was what drew me to RQ in the frst 
place (as Tecumel? drew me to Empire of the Petal Throne). Too many fantasy 
setting are derivative of Tolkein, Hyperborea and the like for my tastes and 
these two stand out as being original settings and ideas (as original as 
anything really can be anyway. everything is really derivative of 

I think the main problem with Mongoose RQ was for it to be really successful 
it needed to attract new gamers and appeal to older gamers like myself. I 
think they would have been better off picking up the baton where RQ2 and 3 
left off and continued on. Release more supplements and generally draw upon 
what already existed and allowed players to adapt and add that material. 
Older gamers would then have had renewed interest and the best way for games 
to spread is word of mouth and older gamers introducing new players. 2nd Age 
stuff for me was just for interests sake only and not really for gaming.

My 2 cents anyway.


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> Thanks for that fascinating anecdote, Sven! I and most of my 
> contemporaries
> had always assumed that the limited appearance of Runes in the game was 
> all
> there was to it - the "Rune-Quest" being nothing more than the striving to
> attain Rune Lord or Rune Priest status. Of course, looking back on it now
> with the benefit of your back story and a more realistic knowledge of the
> technical writing process, it makes perfect sense that the Runes as
> published were only a vestigial remnant of the original manuscript.
> I believe the reason Greg has the rights to the name rather than Chaosium 
> is
> because he was quicker on the draw when it became available again - if I
> remember correctly, it was sitting idle for a little while and anyone 
> could
> have picked up the TM. I wonder why Greg doesn't use the name for 
> HeroQuest?
> I suppose it wouldn't add much value, while leasing out the TM could bring
> in a bit of cash for no real effort. I think it was a mistake for Mongoose
> RuneQuest to be tied to Glorantha, especially 2nd Age Glorantha, though. I
> just don't think it (or, more importantly, the public perception of "it")
> stands up that well as a modern game setting.

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