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Thanks for that fascinating anecdote, Sven! I and most of my contemporaries
had always assumed that the limited appearance of Runes in the game was all
there was to it - the "Rune-Quest" being nothing more than the striving to
attain Rune Lord or Rune Priest status. Of course, looking back on it now
with the benefit of your back story and a more realistic knowledge of the
technical writing process, it makes perfect sense that the Runes as
published were only a vestigial remnant of the original manuscript.

I believe the reason Greg has the rights to the name rather than Chaosium is
because he was quicker on the draw when it became available again - if I
remember correctly, it was sitting idle for a little while and anyone could
have picked up the TM. I wonder why Greg doesn't use the name for HeroQuest?
I suppose it wouldn't add much value, while leasing out the TM could bring
in a bit of cash for no real effort. I think it was a mistake for Mongoose
RuneQuest to be tied to Glorantha, especially 2nd Age Glorantha, though. I
just don't think it (or, more importantly, the public perception of "it")
stands up that well as a modern game setting.


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> I believe Greg came up with the title Runequest during the days before
> the game development was turned over to Steve Perrin. I suspect the
> choice of Runequest over other names in part had to do with the then
> current popularity of Runes as a method of divination & thus had market
> appeal. During play-test there was some joking regarding names such as
> "Cleaverquest" & "Golfbag Quest" (the former was due to limbs constantly
> being lopped off & the latter due to weapons frequently breaking).  But
> despite the lack in the published version in the first playtests we
> quested for Runes or Rune-charged objects quite a bit. Thus "Rockquest"
> was a name I coined for a while during the playtest. There was lots of
> quests to find chips of God/Rune rock & the like. My copy of the
> original playtest over stuffs a 2 inch brown binder. Needless to say
> that was way to large to print for a reasonable cost so things were
> stream-lined. Among the things lost were the copious references to Runes
> & Rune touched objects. As other people started adding to the Gloranthan
> Canon the Runes never got added back in. During the original write-up of
> Magic for the MRQ version, Steve attempted to add back in some of the
> original ideas that were very Rune oriented but Mongoose chose to reject
> that approach. So I beg to differ - Questing for Runes was once a
> primary focus of the system though admittedly it was prior to
> publication or for those who were involved with the original playtest. I
> am still using it as a plot line in my current campaigns.
> Sk?l,
> Sven Lugar
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