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Thanks for that really fascinating history. I find it somewhat ironic given
the vitriol thrown at Mongoose for having rune objects in MRQ1. Then again,
given their awful handling of that rule set they largely deserved it...

On 10 June 2011 17:03, Sven Lugar <vikingjarl at gmail.com> wrote:

> I believe Greg came up with the title Runequest during the days before the
> game development was turned over to Steve Perrin. I suspect the choice of
> Runequest over other names in part had to do with the then current
> popularity of Runes as a method of divination & thus had market appeal.
> During play-test there was some joking regarding names such as
> "Cleaverquest" & "Golfbag Quest" (the former was due to limbs constantly
> being lopped off & the latter due to weapons frequently breaking).  But
> despite the lack in the published version in the first playtests we quested
> for Runes or Rune-charged objects quite a bit. Thus "Rockquest" was a name I
> coined for a while during the playtest. There was lots of quests to find
> chips of God/Rune rock & the like. My copy of the original playtest over
> stuffs a 2 inch brown binder. Needless to say that was way to large to print
> for a reasonable cost so things were stream-lined. Among the things lost
> were the copious references to Runes & Rune touched objects. As other people
> started adding to the Gloranthan Canon the Runes never got added back in.
> During the original write-up of Magic for the MRQ version, Steve attempted
> to add back in some of the original ideas that were very Rune oriented but
> Mongoose chose to reject that approach. So I beg to differ - Questing for
> Runes was once a primary focus of the system though admittedly it was prior
> to publication or for those who were involved with the original playtest. I
> am still using it as a plot line in my current campaigns.
> Sköl,
> Sven Lugar
> On 6/10/2011 5:53 AM, Peter Maranci wrote:
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>> One point that never occurred to me before: Who came up with the NAME
>> "RuneQuest"? What was their intention? Runes were never the primary focus of
>> the system, nor (arguably) of Glorantha. So why that name?
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