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Phil Hibbs snarks at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 19:42:22 EST 2011

>In other words, it would be easy to write a "RuneQuest" system with
> the serial numbers filed off, but doing so would require that someone
> thought it would be financially attractive. If it were (and I have my
> doubts), the extra licence fees for the RuneQuest name would
> probably be a small portion f the costs, and should pay for
> themselves in terms of name recognition.

That's exactly what Chaosium did with BRP; also OpenQuest, and a number of
more diverse variants such as HarnMaster. So the market for
YetAnotherRuneQuestVariant is limited, without the brand name to get it
started, it would be hard for another publisher to claim a significant part
of the market. Clearly Mongoose think that they can do it, but they gained a
starting fan base partly through having the RuneQuest name. I don't think
there is space in the market for YARQV.

Phil Hibbs.
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