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>"The rune are symbols have mana inherent in them... A character must know
>how to use it as a symbol to gain any benefit from ot. In practise this
>means being a priest or a shaman" (p56 RQ I, p53 RQ II)
>"The title of the game, RuneQuest, describes its goal.... Acquiring a Rune
>by joining ... a cult is the goal of the game" (RQ II,p3)

All just flavour text, this never had any bearing on the game mechanics, and
in my opinion it never needed to either. In Glorantha, the runes are too
powerful and abstract for all but the most extraordinary heroes to have a
direct relationship with, and no version of RuneQuest has ever been able to
represent Harrek in game terms. Players connect to runes via the gods.

Phil Hibbs.
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