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Thu Jun 9 21:06:42 EST 2011

> RuneQuest Slayers? That never actually got published, did it?

Available as a free download and published as well (although not by AH).

> copy anyway. And questing for runes? I don't remember any of that from
> Chaosium RQ2 or AH RQ3.

"The rune are symbols have mana inherent in them... A character must know
how to use it as a symbol to gain any benefit from ot. In practise this
means being a priest or a shaman" (p56 RQ I, p53 RQ II)


"The title of the game, RuneQuest, describes its goal.... Acquiring a Rune
by joining ... a cult is the goal of the game" (RQ II,p3)

Basically you need the ability to see and understand runes, inherent in
the universe, to cast rune spells.

That's my reading of it anyway...

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